A Project Tararua Initiative

The Tararua Services Directory

The Tararua Community and Services Directory was set up as part of the Project Tararua initiative 2014 to 2017. The project began with the Needs Assessment research which demonstrated that Tararua’s most important needs were in Rental Housing, Education & Employment, Mental Health & Alcohol and Drug Dependency, Family Violence, and Access to Services. The main aim therefore was to improve and increase the provision of service in all these areas. What has been achieved as well has been to connect local social and community services better into the Tararua community, encourage better ways for these services to work together, and to make it easier for the community to access the services they need.

This Directory was created in response to the need for improved Access to Services. It complements and expands upon the brightly coloured wallet-sized cards available at all health centres, information centres and primary schools, as well as at social service agencies in every town in Tararua.


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